MARMARA MANTAR has been established in 2007 by a professional group of people who have been working in mushroom industry for 7 years and MARMARA MANTAR is one of the registered trademarks of MARMARA MANTAR TRADE LTD CO.

Our company, having investments in Food, Agriculture, Media and Foreign Trade sectors, has DAILY 60 tons of oyster mushroom compost production capacity and DAILY 2 tons of oyster mushroom production capacity in 1.500 m2 steel structure tents in 2 new facilities in Catalca – Istanbul since 2011.

Upon requests from foreign countries, , MARMARA MANTAR had mushroom compost production facilities established in 4 different countries by providing consultancy service so far. Oyster mushrooms produced by our composts have been being sold in all supermarkets and vegetable bazaars in İstanbul.

Our composts, produced by new generation machinery and automation , have been used by many mushroom producers in Marmara region and they do oyster mushroom production professionally.

Our company has total 25 employees including 2 agriculture engineers and 2 mushroom production technicians and has a wide distribution network to many regions in Turkey.

We have 60 tons of mushroom compost production capacity and day by day we have been improving our production capacity.

With our expert staff and our experiences in the sector, we have been supporting and guiding many
entrepreneurs to produce mushroom in Turkey.

First of all, we grow oyster mushrooms by using the composts we produce. There is no difference between the first and the last composts we produce. This is one of the most important factors directly affecting quality mushroom production.

As well as knowledge and experience, raw material (compost) has indispensable importance in quality mushroom production. For this reason, we always support our entrepreneurs,that we sell composts, on marketing and selling the mushrooms they produce. That is why we see our
entrepreneurs not as a clients but as a business associates.

MARMARA MANTAR is the biggest oyster mushroom compost and oyster mushroom producer in Turkey.